Loftin Productions
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Editing Studio
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Video / Audio / Music

Videographer / Cameraman

Blue and Green Screen Keying
Picture or Pre-Recorded Sets for Green Screen
Multi-Camera High Definition Editing
Overlays, Motion Titles, and Logo Placement
Exclusive Filters, Transitions, and Effects
DVD, Tape, Hard Drive, Card and Internet Deliveries


Final Cut Pro & After Effects

Our powerful digital editing suite enables us to easily combine video, audio, animation, still images and graphics to create content for output to various formats. The suite is used for film, television, corporate communication, training programs, industrial productions, and the web.

The editing palette of our Final Cut Pro lets us work our magic on your digital footage, and the handy timeline window gives us a complete linear graphic representation of your project just about all the way to awards night. We're not only known for our visual ideas, but also for our incredible attention to detail. Final Cut Pro, After Effects, LiveType, Motion, and DVD Studio Pro are the perfect video tools for us.

Added Plugins: dvGarage, FxFactory, Boris, Buena, CGM-CHV, DigiEffects, Digital Anarch, Magic Bullet, Digital Film Tools, DVFilm, Fnord, The Foundry-Forge, GenArts, GridIron, Nattress, Eureka!, Joe's Filters, Paul Crisp, Stib's, Nattress, The Orphanage, Panopticum, Pinnacle Effects, Quicktime, RevisionFX, SoftRAID 3.1.1, Synthetic Aperture, Trapcode, Ultimatte, Virtix-Walker Effects, Zaxwerks, and growing. All filters and effect are great additions.

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Digital Performer & Pro Tools

Export and import OMF and other audio files from Avid, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, and other software. It's a integrated digital audio and MIDI sequencing superior production tool. It provides a powerful recording, playback, and editing environment for all sound production applications.

Digital Performer allows us to simultaneously record and playback multiple tracks of digital audio and MIDI data in a totally integrated, creative editing environment. Digital Performer's award-winning multitrack sequencer combines nondestructive audio editing superiority, surround sound mixing, unprecedented flexibility, and control over any project.

Added Plugins: iZ RX 4 Advanced, iZotope Ozone, Waves, Auto-Tune, iZotope RX, SFX Machine, Wave Arts, CyberSound, Hyperprism, DUY, Wave Mechanics, VST, AnTares, TC | WORKS, Arboretum, Intelligent Devices, CEDAR, Lexicon, Event Electronics, Synchro Arts, Cream Ware, Kelly Industries, SoundSoap, GRM, ChannelStrip, BIAS Peak, and so on. Most of these third-party audio plug-ins are not found in other software.

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Propellerhead Reason

...delivers the very latest cutting-edge sampling technology by merging four worlds of advanced music and sound design: samples, loops, synthesis and effects. It plugs right into Digital Performer. Synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, loop players, professional mastering tools, mixers, vocoder, effects, pattern sequencer and much more. Reason is an infinitely all-in-one music production and sound design tool of power.

Propellerhead Reason Additions: Recycle, Refill, and a Huge Sound Libery.

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SmartSound Sonicfire

Makes scoring video with custom music very quick and easy. We use it when there's no time to make the right music to fit the scene.

We use alot of different and all of them are used for major applications. Through our internal computer network, multiple software can be used on one project making our creativity greatly enhanced.