Loftin Productions
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Audio Post

Audio Editing & Restoration

Most of the audio tools we use are not found anywhere else. Our exclusive library of software are used for precise audio fixing and dynamic sound processing. We modify all our tools for perfection as well as speed, so that processing time is dramatically reduced. What you get is the best pristine, crystal clear sound possible.

Audio Cleanup

• Remove Breath Sounds
• Background Noise Reduction
• Remove Mouth Noises
• Remove Hum & Hiss
• Pops and Clicks Removal
• Smooth Transitions


• Mix & Max Audio Levels
• ADR w/Room Simulator
• Amazing Effects & Filters
• Restoration & Equalization
• Voice Altering & Panning
• Surround Sound Mixing

Waveform Editing

• Audio File Formatting
• Digital Audio Analyzer
• Cut, Paste, and Merging
• Fade In, Out, and Across
• Time Expansion & Compression
• Sample & Bit Rate Conversions

Film & Video Sound Design

We go beyond expectations so you can deliver the ultimate experience. Our collection of realistic, rare, and unusual sound effects are unmatched. No one else has the same ability to produce or reproduce sound effects and ambience like Loftin Productions. We have unique methods for creating powerful realistic sounds and mood changing ambience. Our enormous library contains thousands upon thousands of real world and synthesized sounds. Different groups of sounds are pulled up from our networked sound banks to be mixed, processed, and used with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Audio Damaged

Audio Restoration

Voice Dry

Voice Wet

Sci-Fi Dialogue Recorded

Sci-Fi Dialogue Finished

Public Service Announcement 1

Public Service Announcement 2

The Hollywood Edge

Foley Sound Effects

Action Sound Effects

Sound Design

Background Ambience 1

Background Ambience 2

Sci-Fi Sound Effects

Audience Sound Effects

Audio Recordist & Public Address (PA) System

Transcription, Events, and Movies! An audio professional comes on-location with wired and wireless mics and a recorder. The audio professional will record the highest audio quality possible for clarity and accuracy. If the sound is recorded directly into our computer, the sound files can be edited on-location and/or electronically transferred to a studio using an internet connection.

A six channel public address system is available for events and meetings.

Narration or Translation

Along with our own voice talent, we have a pool of very talented freelance voiceover artists. International translators are also on call to translate foreign languages to English and English to foreign languages.

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Call (917) 825-5412
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