Loftin Productions
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What We Do
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New York Videographer
• Special Events
• Video Ads
• Display Videos
• In-Depth Interviews
• Green Screen Shoots
• Gorilla Style Run-and-Gun
• ENG/EFP Camera Operator
• Instructional Videos
• Training Videos
• Presentations
• Website Videos
• Documentary Shoots
• Collect B-Roll
• Video Portfolios
• Sound Design to Picture
• Music & Sound Effects
• Audio Restoration
• Final Cut Pro Editing


Inexpensive Ads

Deliver your ideas through a video ad with you or other important members of your staff. It's an easy and effective way to express your message to customers, clients, shareholders, and the world. We come to your facility, office, or event and interview you based on topics you choose to present. You can be prompted with predetermined questions or allowed to address key points you wish to convey. Your organization's logo and/or text can be displayed with edited video, and your details along with your contact information can be added throughout and at the end of your ad. Click Here for Demos


Green Screen Shoots

We can setup a full green screen at your organization, business, or event. It would take no more than a couple of hours to get setup and start rolling. If you prefer, when the shoot is done we can take the video back with us to be to be finished. Backgrounds, sound effects, and music can be applied to your video. We can also apply backgrounds of multiple locations or sets if needed. Push Play Botton for Green Screen Demo


Website Videos

Push Play Botton for Demo


Virtual Spokespersons

Virtual Spokesperson

Another way to increase sales is by adding a virtual spokesperson to greet your website visitors. We'll come to your company with a green screen kit to videotape your company's spokesperson (or an actor as a spokesperson). The footage will be brought back to our studio for processing. A finished virtual spokesperson can be added to your website in minutes by your webmaster. You'll have a virtual spokesperson that can seamlessly walk on to your website pages and explain your current products, services, or new offers. No Website Re-Design Required!


Live Production

Live Production

We can provide a multi-camera video switcher system for interviews, events, and shows. A live feed can be sent to a recorder, large monitors, and broadcast equipment simultaneously. Currently we do not provide stage lighting, large video monitors, or broadcast satellite trucks. For large venues and/or broadcast satellite uplink, an associate company would be called upon request.

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Call (917) 825-5412
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